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ローレンス・R・ハーヴェイ独占インタビュー!『ムカデ人間3』絶賛公開中!My Interview with Laurence R. Harvey!

ムカデ人間3 (2015)』に出演しているローレンス・R・ハーヴィーさんのインタビューです。おもしろいよ。マーティンの話や次回作の話もあります。My interview with Laurence R. Harvey. English/Japanese bilingual.





Laurence! Thank you so much for giving us your great answers and spending your time for us! THC3 is right now hitting on theatres here in Japan. I've heard it's been getting quite reputation since premiered in my country. I really enjoyed your words and I am so sure that my readers should enjoy to read it either. So let's begin with my first question!

ローレンスさん、インタビューに答えてくれてありがとう。『ムカデ人間3 (2015)』は現在劇場公開中で、トランスフォーマーさんによれば「『ムカデ人間3』は大ヒット。初日22日と23日は東京大阪ともに満員御礼の大盛況でした」だそうであります。ではインタビューをどぞ。ぱちぱちぱち。

Hiro Fujii “Watching you on screen is always fun. I laughed a lot during watching THC2 and THC3. Every moment is disgusting/crazy/full of blood, but interesting thing is, when you do the role, it becomes fun to watch. I even start to love the character instantly. Your acting works like a charm. Are there any secret to act like that?”

「あなたの演技を見るのはいつも楽しいです。『ムカデ人間2 (2011)』も『ムカデ人間3 (2015)』もずっと大笑いでした。きもちわるくて血まみれで狂った場面が連続していても、あなたが出ていると映画が楽しくなる。私はキャラクターを好きになりさえします。あなたの演技は魔法みたいです。こんな風に演じることができるなんて、なにか秘密があるんですか」

There's no big secret, I just drew from the character that Tom described and that was written in the script. With Martin, he was always meant to be a sympathetic character than eventually goes too far for even the (horror) audience, but within the first few moments of the film he is bashing people over the head. In order to keep the violence, and keep an audience's sympathy I made the decision to draw upon the comedy traditions of silent cinema.

In a lot of comedy from that era the main character (as played by Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, etc. is picked upon by stronger (more masculine) characters and/or characters that are of a more powerful social status (either because of relative wealth, or position, even if that position is as lowly as shopkeeper, work forman, landlord). And so the violence than enacted upon those figures by the protagonist remains within the sympathetic David vs Goliath style of uneven power balance. We have sympathy for the underdog. Also the use of deadpan can help with the humour, but also the terror as Martin's unresponsiveness (or rather the disconnect between stimulus, internal emotional/intellectual processing and the external expression of that) underlines his regard for his victims as segments rather than human beings.

With Dwight (the proagonist I play in THC3), again it goes back to initial discussion with Tom. Tom described Dwight & Bill Boss as "the Laurel & Hardy of evil", and so Dwight operates as a commentator on Bill's excesses. His comments and gestural asides being Dwight's only opportunity at undermining and managing Bill's insanity and overbearing nature. Dwight IS just as evil as Bill Boss (the prison-centipede is his idea after all), but we remain sympatheic to him both because he seems sane in comparison to Bill's outlandishness, and because he is the butt of others' abuse, and any successes he may possibly gain are taken away from him. He really does have a boss/Boss from hell.

"The Laurel & Hardy of evil" totally makes sense! Actually that's what popped up in my mind when I saw Bill and Dwight! Thank you for your insightful explanation for your job. Very clear. After reading it, let me say again, your acting works like a charm.





次に『ムカデ人間3 (2015)』のドワイトについて話しましょう。



Hiro Fujii “You revealed that you had created the Martin's scrapbook by yourself in order to develop the character of Martin. Did you do the similar effort to become Dwight in THC3?”

「あなたは『ムカデ人間2 (2011)』でマーティンになり切るため、あのスクラップブックを自分でつくったんですよね。それと同じようなことを『ムカデ人間3 (2015)』においても行いましたか」

No. That's partly because with Martin it's a much more internalized character, so it made sense to share his obsessions. The scrapbook also helped me to convey the loss that Martin feels when his mother destroys it, it was my handiwork that was being destroyed! With Dwight, the character is much more external, its about putting on a brave face despite all the obstacles. But whilst I didn't deliberately try to research the character, the fact that I had so much going on in my personal life at the time, I got used to 'putting a brave face on things'. But with so much emotional upheaval, I felt I couldn't prepare for the role to the degree I would've liked.

I do remember Martin's sad face. You were just sad standing there. My favorite scene.




Hiro Fujii “Your name became rapidly famous among horror fans since you played Martin in THC2. I guess you have been welcomed/greeted/loved by people everywhere you show up. Did playing Martin change your life? How was it shooting in US?”

「あなたは『ムカデ人間2 (2011)』以降、急速に世界のホラーファンの人気者になりました。どこにいっても歓待されて、大騒ぎなんじゃないですか。マーティンを演じたことによって人生が変わりましたか。アメリカでの撮影はどうだったですか」

I don't think a day goes by without me being recognised, sometimes it does get a bit much, but if I refuse to pose for a photograph with someone, or respond to a request, it's because we all need a private life. I like being out and about and meeting fans, but I should still be able to do everyday chores like shopping without being followed around the supermarket. Having said that, most fans are polite, and its always nice to meet them and their friends/family at conventions and events.

THC2 was all shot in London where I had lived for 15 years, and it was a small cast, and even smaller crew so things were much more personal, and it felt easier to build a familial atmosphere between all involved. With the US shoot on THC3, the larger crew, and then larger cast when we were shooting the prison scenes in and around L.A. meant that a lot of the production effort was focussed on logistics of having to deal with so many people, but because of the work on THC2 (including with the D.o.P. Dave Meadows and his assistant on both films James Ruffell) there was a short-hand between us, and a sense of being entrusted with getting on with the job. Oh, and it was very, very, very hot out there!


ムカデ人間2 (2011)』は僕が15年間住んだロンドンで撮影が行われました。キャストは少なく、クルーたちもこじんまりとした雰囲気だったので、すぐに家族のような連帯感が生まれました。比して、『ムカデ人間3 (2015)』では、場所はLAで、クルーの数は比べものにならない多さで、特に囚人たちの場面ではものすごい数の人々が行き来していました。『ムカデ人間2 (2011)』でやったときと同じく、シネマトグラファーのデヴィッド・メドウズと彼のアシスタントのJames Ruffellとやりとりするのに、short-hand(秘書の人が書くミミズみたいな速記文字)を使ってコミュニケーションをしました。あー。LAは暑かった!

Hiro Fujii “You, Dieter Laser and Tom Six. You guys are the dream team. Are there any funny story you can share with fans regarding the team? If possible, it is grateful if you could share us something exclusive story never mentioned in any other intervews/articles in the past.”


I'm always bad at this question. I'm rubbish at remembering 'after-dinner anecdotes'. But thank you for saying we are a dream team.Tom is such a lovely director to work for and his boyish enthusiasm buoys up the rest of the team.I remember being curious at what Dieter's reaction to my portrayal of Martin was, and when we finally met (at the UK premiere of THC2), he was exactly like Doctor Heiter except all the stiffness and contempt of that character was replaced by a gregarious warmth as he embraced me and told me what a wonderful job I had done.I also think you are missing one member of the dream time, namely Ilona. She has to do all the hard work and make the tough decisions, but she is charm personified when she can take off her producer's hat.

Oh! not-stiff-but-warm-version Dr. Heier sounds interesting. I am glad to hear that Martin finally met his mentor (Dr. Heiter) in a way you described. Your inner Martin must be filled with happiness. Oh I know you are not Martin. Martin is a fictional character you played but I cannot help but think that way.

この質問に答えるのは難儀です。僕は食事の後の笑い話をすぐに忘れてしまうたちだから。でもドリームチームといってくれてありがとう。トムは愛すべき人柄の監督で、少年らしい夢をみんなに語り、いつもチームに目標を与えようとします。ディーター・ラーザーについてですが、『ムカデ人間2 (2011)』のロンドンプレミアで初めて彼に会ったときの印象は興味深いものでした。あのとき彼は本当にハイター博士みたいでした。でもハイター博士の傲慢な部分を取り除いて、その代わりに、優しくて人付き合いのよい部分を注入した、いい人バージョンのハイター博士ってかんじでした。彼は僕を抱きしめて、すばらしい仕事だと褒めてくれました。ところで、ドリームチームにはイロナ・シックスも含めてください。彼女はたいへんな任務を一手に引き受けて、タフな意思決定をやり遂げました。プロデューサーのお面を脱いだときの彼女はチャーミングそのものなんですよ。


Hiro Fujii “You are the big fan of a lot of old exploitation films including Japanese ones (Meiko Kaji of course!). You've seen a lot. Looking back your favorite films in the past, please mention at least one character which you adore, or which you want to play, or you want to play with.”


Well my favourite characters are 1970s ones like Meiko Kaji's Sasori (Joshuu 701-gou), and Tomisaburou Wakayama's Kozure Oukami, and his brother Shintarou Katsu's Goyoukiba. But of course I love the Nikkatsu roman porno and Toei pinky violence movies of that era as much as the chambara eiga and 'new action' films. I guess my favourite actress of the era would be Naomi Tani (with Kaji a very close second, followed by Reiko Ike and Miki Sugimoto) and Wakayama or Katsu my favorite actor.

I would love to appear in a pastiche of the Nora-neko Rokku series, they always had singers like Akiko Wada and Keiko Fuji (and obviously Meiko Kaji) as characters who would sing a song or two, and everytime there would be a nightclub scene a G.S. group like The Spiders or girl group like Golden Half would be the act playing in the club.

I'm hoping Tetsuya Nakashima will make the film with Kinoco Hotel! That would be ideal! I'd play a gaijin gangster wearing big 1970's style shades. I think if I was being cast, I'd probably be cast as a gaijin Tora-san, or Doraemon (if they did a live-action version)! But to be honest, it's more about the ideas in a film and the director's vision than whether the character is beloved or not.

All you mentioned are definitely great people/films! I'm so impressed. Personally I'm glad you love Miki Sugimoto who is my favorite. How is Sumiko Fuji? I do recommend her Hibotan Bakuto series. She is gourgeous!

1970年代の映画が好きです。好きなキャラクターは『女囚701号 さそり』の梶芽衣子、『子連れ狼』の若山富三郎、彼の弟、勝新太郎御用牙』等です。日活のロマンポルノも好きだし、東映のエッチなヴァイオレンス映画も、チャンバラ映画も、日活ニューアクションも好き。好きな女優は一番が谷ナオミ。僅差で梶芽衣子。次にくるのが池玲子杉本美樹。男性なら若山富三郎勝新太郎





Hiro Fujii “Please tell us about upcoming FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS. You and Tristan Risk make the best duo, which has been proved in CALL GIRL. So how was it working with Tristan again?”

「新作『Frankenstein Created Bikers』について教えてください。『Call Girl (2014)』におけるあなたとトリスタン・リスクのコンビは最高でした。彼女と再び共演してどうだったですか」

It was great. It's always easier to work with people you know and get on with, and she's fun and enthusiastic. We'd worked together in Canada 5 months earlier, so it was good to meet up again. Frankenstein Created Bikers is a sequel to Dear God No! the action follows on from the end of that film, but the tone is different the first film was gleefully offensive, this is more of a horror/action film. We had such great fun on set working with director James Bickert, and Jill Sixx acted as assistant director, and of course the actors returning from the first film. I do think it'll be a fun film, so I hope you guys get to see it released in Japan.

たいへんよかったです。お互いにわかり合っている人たちだからやりやすかったです。トリスタンは楽しくて、熱狂的な女性です。カナダでいっしょに仕事をして以来、5ヶ月ぶりに彼女に会いました。再会できてうれしかったです。『Frankenstein Created Bikers』は『Dear God No! (2011)』の続編ですが、前作とはずいぶん雰囲気が違います。『Dear God No! (2011)』は強烈にけしからん内容でしたが、新作はどちらかといえばアクションホラー映画というかんじ。ジェームズ・ビッカート監督に加え、この映画のアシスタントディレクターに抜擢されたジル・シックス・ガヴァーギジアン、前作から戻ってきたキャストのみなさん、彼らといっしょに働くのは楽しかったです。おもしろい映画になると思いますよ。日本でも公開されることを祈っています。

Frankenstein Created Bikers』について詳しくは以前書いた記事をご覧ください↓

Hiro FujiiDaiju Kurabayashi and I created the comic adaptation of CALL GIRL. We thank you so much for letting us to do that. Are there any chance to work with Jill Sixx again in the future? Please tell us about her.”

「私は倉林大樹さんといっしょにCALL GIRLの漫画をつくりました。その節はありがとうございました。再びジル・シックス・ガヴァーギジアンといっしょに映画をつくる可能性はありますか。ジルさんのことをなんかしゃべってください」

There's no plans in the pipeline, but I'm sure our paths will cross again. I think she's ready to tackle a feature film, so let's see what happens in the future.

Yes! I do want to watch her feature film! Badly!


ジルさんのつくったCALL GIRLについてはこちらをご覧ください↓

CALL GIRL漫画についてはこちらをどぞ↓

Hiro Fujii “I believe a lot of enthusiastic fans for THC franchise are out there in the world. Can you tell us about the funniest/weirdest fan who made you laugh or being scared?”


Well, in the middle of Australia I have this stalker who is a gay 'chubby chaser' who writes obscene sexual fantasies about me, I don't receive them as I've blocked him on social media sites, but I find him alternately disturbing and amusing. I'm just glad he is so far away, and that I didn't meet him on the publicity tour of Australia.

Oh I hope he reads this interview and learns how to behave.



Hiro Fujii “Please give us your shout toward Japanese fans!”


Laurence kindly gave us his message in Japanese. Here it is. This is what he wrote.


日本のフィルムのための彼らのサポートのためのすべてのファンに感謝したいと思います。私は常に日本映画で動作すると思いますので、ある日に旅行と思っている国です。『ムカデ人間3 (2015)』をお楽しみくださいあなたのすべて、何度も繰り返し見られるに値する映画だね。

Let me translate his words into English.

I deeply thank all fans who have been supporting our films. I really would like to visit Japan one day. I believe I am capable of working with Japanese film industry. Hope people enjoy our THC3. It is defnitely worth to watch. Not only once. Please watch it again and again!




Thank you!


After posting this interview, Laurence commented on FB. Let's hear.

I think, certainly with THC3 people have built up an expectation of what it is going to be in their head (especially with such a long time between 2 and 3). I've heard so many people with the same reaction as you Matthew, in regard to THC3, and I think it needs to be watched more than once, before anyone should make their mind up.

Now you see why he said "watch it again and again!". :D











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