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祝『東京スクリーム・クイーン映画祭2015』ジル・シックス・ガヴァーギジアン、インタビュー!My Interview with Jill Sixx Gevargizian!

今週末!東京スクリーム・クイーン映画祭2015 at アップリンク!My interview with Jill Sixx Gevargizian. English/Japanese bilingual.


Jill Sixx Gevargizian



Here's what I know about Jill "Sixx" Gevargizian.

She is a professional hair stylist at Hair Spray Cafe, KC-based hair beauty salon. While changing people's hair color beautifully, she has been also a big fan of horror films. She's ambitious. She's always looking for fun. That's her nature.

In 2012 She founded her own horror festival named Slaughter Movie House which features various independent horror films. They're screening horrors every month. They're very active. The first one was Dear God No! directed by James Bickert. My favorite. People in KC can enjoy watching lovely horrors with her and her people. I am extremely jealous every time I see those lovely banners which tells about the festival on Twitter or Facebook.

She gathers people. She organizes people. She can do it like breathing air because she's an attractive person. Talented people are always around her. As going through those activities, She met some people which probably changed her life, like Laurence R. Harvey or Jen and Sylvia Soska (known as the Twisted Twins).

Jill finally made her debut as a horror director in 2014. She made a brilliant short named Call Girl. And also, she was hired by Jen and Sylvia as the Second Unit Director for their short in ABCs Of Death 2. In ABCs Of Death 2, it was the biggest/happiest surprise for her that her work was used in the ending. Yes. You remember the scene where Laurence Harvey jerks and says funny lines on the ending? The scene was directed by Jill!

Jill Sixx Gevargizian blog - ABCs of Death 2: World Premier (with Laurence Harvey on set)
Jill Sixx Gevargizian blog - ABCs of Death 2: World Premier (with Laurence Harvey on set)

I, Hiro Fujii, got known with Jill at the time after Call Girl was screened at Frightfest London. It is still on some festivals around the globe. I loved Call Girl. Not only reviewed it, I introduced her my buddy Daiju Kurabayashi a Japanese comic artist who is also a big fan of Call Girl, and we created the comic adaptation of it. Thank you for letting us to do it.

After that, Jill seems more and more stepping up her career, she directed another short Grammy for Eli Roth's CryptTV. Grammy is set to be world premiered in Japan at upcoming Scream Queen Filmfest Tokyo. This is big.

And her latest short The Stylist will be releasing in the near future. Najarra Townsend of Contracted and Contracted phase II stars in it. Written by Eric Havens who wrote Call Girl. He writes very solid story. I cannot wait to see it. She's making her progress. I would keep watching her films.


アメリカ、カンサスの美容院Hair Spray Cafeにて美容師をやっているジルさんは大のホラーファン。野心的/ホラー好きな彼女はお客さんの髪の色をゴロゴロ変えたりしつつ、2012年に自身の映画祭『Slaughter Movie House』を設立。第1回の上映作品は『Dear God No! (2011)』だった。この映画祭は毎月新作インディーズホラーをスクリーニングしていて、たいへん活況です。私はいつも彼らのバナーを見るたび、ええなー、いきたいなー、と嫉妬を覚えます。

彼女の周りには常におもしろそうな人たちが集まっています。ジルさん本人が楽しい人だからでしょう。なんだかんだとホラー関係の活動をしつつ、やがてBIGな人々に出会い、人生の転機を迎えた。ローレンス・R・ハーヴィーや、Twisted Twinsとして知られるジェン・ソスカシルヴィア・ソスカといった方々です。

2014年。ついにホラー監督デビュー。短編映画『Call Girl (2014)』をつくった。ローレンス・R・ハーヴィートリスタン・リスク主演のこの小品はFreightfestでも上映されて、話題になった。また、同時期には、ジェン・ソスカシルヴィア・ソスカにSecond Unit Directorとして雇われ、『ABCs Of Death 2』の彼女たちの短編のお手伝いをした。

これにはさらに大きなご褒美があって、彼女がつくった映像が『ABCs Of Death 2』のエンディングに採用された。映画の最後にローレンスさんが出てきてオナニーをしながらおもしろい台詞をいう場面があったのを覚えている方は多いでしょう。あれを監督したのがジルさんなんですよ。彼女はこれが採用されて大喜びした。

Jill Sixx Gevargizian blog - ABCs of Death 2: World Premier (ローレンスさんといっしょ)
Jill Sixx Gevargizian blog - ABCs of Death 2: World Premier

ちょうどその頃、私はジルさんと出会って、『Call Girl (2014)』のレビューを書いた。友達の漫画家の倉林さんの絵を彼女に見せたら、気に入ってくれて、いっしょに『Call Girl (2014)』の漫画をつくった。その節はありがとうございました。


期待の新作短編『The Stylist』はまもなく公開予定。『スリーデイズ・ボディ 彼女がゾンビになるまでの3日間 (2013)』とその続編『Contracted phase II (2015)』に出ていたナジャラ・タウンゼントが狂気の美容師を演じるそうな。これの脚本、Eric Havensさんは『Call Girl (2014)』の脚本家ですが、じつにソリッドな物語をつくる人なので大変楽しみです。今後のジルさんの活動に期待しましょう。

My Interview with Jill!

Hiro “So, that's all I know about Jill Sixx Gevargizian. Anything to correct or add?”


Jill “WOW! That is a very flattering description! One correction- I actually wrote The Stylist story and Eric Havens adapted my story into a script.”

「わー。いいかんじに紹介してくれてありがとう。ひとつだけ訂正しますよ。The Stylist のお話をつくったのは私で、Eric Havensはそれを元に脚本を書きました」

“Oh Thanks. I keep it in my mind! What is the weirdest thing since you started to create movies?”


“This is a hard question! I guess what comes to mind is really the coolest things... like that I have friends now all over the world, like you! I never imagined that.”


“Thank you! Are you still doing your job as a hair stylist? Can we ask you to do it when we go to KC?”


“Yes, I still do hair full-time. That is my only means to make a living! Making movies only costs me money. ;) And, sure!”


“I watched your 2 shorts. Call Girl and Grammy. I watched them carefully, and reading/listening your past interviews, I started to see your rooted theme as a horror creator, what you want to create, what you are into. What I see is very subtle though. It might be wrong, but for me, it is like, the bad dream every people experienced in their childhood. In the night. In the bed. Alone. Unbelievable scary thing is coming. It cannnot be explained rationally. But it exists. Truly exists. I feel something like that through your works. I love it. What do you think?”

「私はこれまであなたの2作品を見ました。『Call Girl』と『Grammy』です。この2作品を注意深く見て、過去のインタビューを拝聴したところ、あなたのホラークリエイターとしての主題がおぼろげながら見えてきたように思います。ハズしているかもしれませんが、あなたはいつも『誰もが子供時代に経験した悪夢』みたいなもんをやろうとしているのかなあ。夜。ひとりきりでベッドにいたら、こわいもんが出てくる。理屈では説明できないけれど、必ずそれはそこにいる。みたいな。どうなんですかね」

“I appreciate that you see that. I can see how Grammy would make you think that. But I would not say that is my theme. Grammy was inspired by the pressure society places on women to wear makeup. It's my "fuck you" to that idea. There's always a message in my work, no matter how short or silly. My goal in filmmaking is to make emotional and dramatic films - which I think people will realize when they see The Stylist.”

「そんな風に見てくれてありがとう。『Grammy』を見てそうかんじるのはわかります。しかしそれが私の主題ってわけではありません。『Grammy』についていうとですね、女性が感じる社会的抑圧のひとつに『女性はメイクをいつもしなくちゃいけない』てのがあって、それに対する私なりの『うるせえバーロー』というような作品です。私の映画はどんなにちっぽけなものであっても、なにかしらのメッセージを込めています。私の映画づくりの目標は『感情を突き動かす』『ドラマティックである』の2点です。次の『The Stylist』を見たら、きっとみんなはより深く私の主題をわかってくれると思う」

“It is very interesting. I was talking with Daiju about the bad dream idea which I wrote above. He agreed me. And he is so much interested in what you said in the former interview with Nicholas Vince. It's about the trees and lake. You said that trees are gonna killing you. Daiju said it is pretty much intriguing. He drew the black and white illustration in five min. He asked me to tell you this. "How about make a horror movie based on it? If you don't I'd create the original comic out of it!" Probably you can drop rough idea of your fear, he'll manage to finish a piece of comic. How about it?”

「それはおもしろいですね。倉林さんと上に書いたようなことをしゃべっていて、彼は先のNicholas Vinceさんとのインタビューであなたがいったことに、ものすごく興味を覚えたそうです。木と湖のヤツ。木がぶわーと襲ってくるていうヤツ。倉林さんはそれにすごく触発されて、あの絵を5分で描きました。彼からジルさんに伝言です。『これを元にホラー映画をつくったらどうすか。あなたがやらないなら、ぼくが漫画を描いちゃいますよ!』だそうです。ジルさんの恐怖体験を倉林さんにババーと吹き込んだら、彼はババーと漫画をつくってくれると思いますよ。どうすか」

“I loved his illustration of the trees! I said I grew up with a fear of trees that grow out of lakes- I never wanted to swim near them. Making a film about that fear is a great idea! Maybe one day...”


Daiju made Jill scared! Haha!

This drawing is something! Look into it! You find creepy eyes and figures in those trees!


“I remember you described yourself as "an organizer" in the past interview. You gather people. You put them in the right place. You give them their goal. That's exactly what you do as the director, right? So, What's the key to make it work smoothly as you intended? From my side, looking back what happened when Daiju and I created the comic, you had been so generous and sweet to us. You never said no to Daiju. We recall, you are the sweetest boss ever met before. We were "organized" very comfortably. I can imagine there is much difference between making movies and comics so I guess it is not always like that. I mean, organizing people is always hard to do. It looks like magic to my eyes when you do it right.”


“Thank you! I think the key is being organized. And spending plenty of time preparing. If you are super prepared, the decisions along the way will be easier to make. I spend a lot of time in preproduction on my films. I've been criticized for it. But I've been on movie sets that are a disasters and that is for lack of planning. I direct and produce my films, so I manage every detail from casting to catering. As far as organizing people- that is the hardest part of filmmaking. And expensive! A lot of the people who have worked on my recent films I met on other films. That's how we all keep growing. I worked on my friend John Pata's film Pity two years ago. I was so impressed with his crew that I used almost all of them on my new film, The Stylist.”

「ありがとう!うまくやるコツはきちんと整理をしておくことです。準備を整えるのがだいじです。備えあれば憂いなし。私は準備にたくさん時間をかけます。責任は私にあるんですから。計画をたてておかないと撮影はひどいものになってしまう。私は自分の映画を自分で制作して監督をします。キャスティングからお弁当の手配までぜんぶ私がやる。『人々をまとめる』というのは映画づくりのいちばんたいへんなところです。お金もかかります。ひとつ映画をつくると仲間ができて、また次のときにもお願いして、私たちは成長します。2年前、私の友人John Pataの映画『Pity (2014)』をお手伝いしたときと同じ顔ぶれのクルーたちが、私の新作『The Stylist』を手伝ってくれました」

“I believe a lot of Japanese indie filmmakers are interested in submitting their films in Slaughter Movie House. I know English subtitles and press release are required. Other than that, please give them your advice to be picked up.”

「日本のインディーズのホラー映画監督はあなたの映画祭Slaughter Movie Houseにずいぶん興味を持つでしょう。英語字幕と英語のプレスリリースが必要ですよね。それ以外になにか彼らにアドバイスはありますか」

“All they need to do is submit the film with English subtitles! I would LOVE to show Japanese films at Slaughter. Please, send them to us: http://www.slaughtermoviehouse.com/Submissions.html


“Can you tell us about The Stylist and Frankenstein Created Bikers? I really want to see them.”

「『The Stylist』と『Frankenstein Created Bikers』について教えてください。はやく見たいー」

The Stylist is my upcoming short that is due out next year. I have never felt so connected to anything I've made. It's my first character piece- which is a direction I want to go as a filmmaker. It leans heavily towards being a drama, with horror. The film follows Claire, played by Najarra Townsend, a hairstylist obsessed with the notion of perfection. The Stylist is my biggest production so far. I produced the film with director of photography Robert Patrick Stern and production designer Sarah Sharp. We are all very proud of it and can't wait to get it out there.

Frankenstein Created Bikers is James Bickert's new film, a sequel to Dear God No! I worked on the film as an assistant director. I can't really tell you much- as it's not my film! It was a lot of fun to work on a movie shot on 35mm. I learned a lot from James. He is very knowledgeable about a world of films I know nothing of, it is fascinating to hear him speak about movies. It was also great to be on set with Laurence Harvey and Tristan Risk again- both star in my first film Call Girl. I can't wait to see the finished product as well!”

「『The Stylist』は私の次の新作で、来年リリース予定です。かつてなく自分自身の内面をさらけ出して、キャラクターの深部を描くことに注力しました。重苦しいホラードラマです。ナジャラ・タウンゼント演じるクレアという主人公は、完璧主義に取り憑かれた美容師さんです。これまでの中でいちばん大きな作品です。撮影監督にRobert Patrick Stern、美術監督にSarah Sharpを起用しました。これはすごいよ。はやくみんなに見てもらいたい!

Frankenstein Created Bikers』はジェームズ・ビッカート監督の新作で、『Dear God No! (2011)』の続編です。私はアシスタントディレクターをやりました。私は監督ではないから、あまりベラベラ話せません。35mmの撮影はおもしろかったし、ジェームズからたくさん教わりました。彼は私が知らないたくさんの映画のことを知っていて、色々と教えてくれます。『Call Girl』のコンビ、ローレンス・R・ハーヴィートリスタン・リスクとセットで再会したのも喜びでした。私もはやくみたいよ」

“Your Grammy is gonna be world premiered at upcoming Scream Queen Filmfest Tokyo. Please say hello to Japanese horror fans!”


“I wish I could be there! If you go, you'll see a special video-introduction from me. I hope everyone enjoys the festival. They are showing a lot of really great films- including El Gigante by Gigi Saul Guerrero.”

「私もいきたいー。映画祭では私の紹介ビデオも上映される予定です。みんな見てね。このフェスティバルでは、他にもたくさんのおもしろい映画が上映されるから、きっと楽しいですよ。ジジ・サウル・ゲレロの『El Gigante (2015)』もありますよ」

“Thank you Jill! So, let's hear from Jill Towerman and Amanda! :D”

comment from Jill Towerman!

Jill Towerman

“Thank you for join us! You co-wrote Grammy with Jill. How did you join the project? Please describe Jill from your eyes. Please give us your shout toward Japanese fans.”


Jill TowermanJill Gevargizian has been a good friend of mine for years. Her determination to make her film-making dreams a reality has brought her great success. She has charisma, talent, and the natural ability to promote her ideas, which is very important in this industry.

Jill and I were chatting about our grandmothers one day and came up with a great idea for a short. She pitched it to CryptTV, and they loved it. I am a writer by trade, but I mostly work in advertising, so it was a new arena for me. We went back and forth on the script, improving the story and adding depth to the characters. The #JillSquad (and the many other amazing people who worked on this film) made a great team!

It's surreal to think that fans in Japan are going to be watching our film! I am very excited, and I hope they love it as much as we do!”




comment from Amanda!


アマンダさんというおもしろいひとがいて、いつもtwitterやfacebookでお世話になっているんですが、 『Grammy』を見てたら、エンディングクレジットに彼女の名前がresearcherつって出てくるもんで、びっくりして、いったいなにをresearchしたんでありますかと質問してみましたよ。

“Hey Amanda! I found your name on the ending credit as a "researcher"! Wow! What did you research? How was it?”


Amanda Oaks “Yes, I was a researcher on Jill Gevargizian's upcoming project Grammy. Jill contacted me about helping out with the film, so I helped with researching music for the short. She told me what kind of feel she wanted for Grammy and it was my job to find musical scores that represented that feeling. She was then able to give these samples to Nicholas Elert, our composer, for him to use as a reference when developing the score for the film. This was an amazing project to be apart of & I can't thank Jill enough for the opportunity. I am so proud to be apart of Sixx Tape Productions & look forward to working with Jill & company again in the future.”

「そう。私は『Grammy』で音楽関係のリサーチのお手伝いをしたんですよ。ジルが『どんな音楽がいいかなー』って私に相談して、私は彼女の感覚に合いそうな音楽を選びました。それが作曲家のNicholas Elertさんの手に渡り、参考資料として使われました(映画の楽曲はオリジナル曲で、彼女は参考になる資料をつくったという意味)。こんな風にジルの映画に関わることができて光栄です。Sixx Tape Productionsの一員になるのは誉れ高いことです。これからもずっとジルをお手伝いしたいです」

Thank you Amanda! :D

Daiju's Illustration for Grammy!


Daiju drew this!
I love the typography. Enlarge it. You'll know what I mean. :)

倉林大樹 Grammy

I colored it!

倉林大樹 Grammy colored


GRAMMY by Jill Gevargizian (1)

GRAMMY by Jill Gevargizian (2)

GRAMMY by Jill Gevargizian (3)



そして彼がつくった『Call Girl』の漫画はこちら。未見の方は是非。日本版/英語版を無料でダウンロードできます↓



I received the hottest message from Mai Nakanishi who is running the festival! Here it is.


Her directorial debut short Call Girl had its Asian premiere last year at Scream Queen Filmfest Tokyo and we are delighted that her new short film Grammy is having its world premiere as a special presentation this Saturday at the 2015 Scream Queen Filmfest Tokyo.

Jill sent me a message only 2 weeks ago that her new short film was done and asked me if I can show it at this year's festival. It was a very nice micro-short and since it hasn't been shown anywhere yet, I had no reason to say no. Well, actually, I would have said "no" if the film was much longer and dialogue-heavy.... (just imagine the pressure of having to work on the subtitles when your festival is opening in 2 weeks !).

Anyways, Jill is a super driven and passionate filmmaker and really nice to see that she's building her presence in the industry. And not just Jill but more and more incredible female directors are emerging and making amazing genre films around the world which is just so exciting!

- Mai Nakanishi
Scream Queen Filmfest Tokyo




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日時: 2015/10/24(土)〜10/31(土)












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