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映画|フランケンシュタインの幽霊|The Ghost of Frankenstein

フランケンシュタインの復活 (1939)』に続くシリーズ第4作。今度はヘンリーの次男坊が登場。怪物脳ミソ入れ換え大作戦。ロン・チェイニー・Jrベラ・ルゴシセドリック・ハードウィックイヴリン・アンカース。監督アール・C・ケントン。1942年。ユニバーサルの古典ホラー映画。モノクロ。

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前作『フランケンシュタインの復活 (1939)』にて、おもしろおまわりさんのクローグを演じたライオネル・アトウィルが、こんどはまた別の役どころで入っています。

Memorable Quotes

Ygor: The lightning! It is good for you! Your father was Frankenstein! But your mother was the lightning!

I am sure I han harness the lightning and extract its life giving power. I need but one more part to prepare the monster for my final experiment. Tonight we shall steal another body!May 20th.The body of my creature is complete. Every physical part carefully chosen and the whole assembled. Now to give him a brain.

Henry's Ghost: My son. What are you about to do? Would you destroy... that which I, your father, dedicated his life to creating?
Ludwig Frankenstein: I must. The monster you created is in itself destruction.
Henry's Ghost: Nevertheless, I was near to solving a problem, that has baffled man since the beginning of time, the secret of life, artificially created.
Ludwig Frankenstein: But it has brought death to everything that it's touched.
Henry's Ghost: That is because, unknowingly... I gave it a criminal brain. With your knowledge of science, you can cure that.
Ludwig Frankenstein: It's beyond my cure. It's a malignant brain.
Henry's Ghost: What if it had another brain?
Ludwig Frankenstein: Another brain!

Dr. Bohmer: What is it, Doctor? You've changed your mind?
Ludwig Frankenstein: Yes. Attach the high-frequency leads to the terminal electrodes.
Dr. Bohmer: Yes, sir.
Ygor: Frankenstein!
Ludwig Frankenstein: Come in, Ygor. I may need your assistance.
Ygor: You have agreed. You are going to help him, Doctor? You are giving him life!
Ludwig Frankenstein: Yes, but not for the purpose that you think, Ygor. I'm giving him strength so that an operation may be successful.
Ygor: An operation?
Ludwig Frankenstein: Yes, I'm giving him another brain. You must explain to him when he becomes conscious. You must make him understand.
Ygor: Whose brain?
Dr. Bohmer: Kettering?
Ludwig Frankenstein: Yes, Kettering. A man of character and learning. The monster will cease to be an evil influence and become everything that is good.
Ygor: No! You cannot take my friend away from me. He's all that I have, nothing else. You're going to make him your friend,and I will be alone.
Ludwig Frankenstein: It will be as I say, or he must be destroyed.
Ygor: He cannot be destroyed.
Dr. Bohmer: There is one way. By dissection.
Ygor: No! Not that. Doctor. Ygor's body's no good. His neck is broken, crippled and distorted... lame and sick from the bullets. You can put my brain in his body.
Ludwig Frankenstein: Your brain?
Igor: You can make us one. We'll be together always... my brain and his body... together!
Ludwig Frankenstein: You're a cunning fellow, Ygor. Do you think that I'd put your sly and sinister brain into the body of a giant? That would be a monster indeed. You'll do as I tell you, or I'll not be responsible for the consequences.
Dr. Bohmer: Ironic, isn't it, Doctor?
Ludwig Frankenstein: Yes, the monster's victim shall inherit his body.
Dr. Bohmer: And everlasting life.
Ludwig Frankenstein: Build up the voltage potential to its maximum.

Igor: Die! I will live again! Only this crooked body will die. I will live forever. My brain in that body would make me a leader of men. We would rule the state and even the whole country. You'll do as I say, and you will have everything you want.

Igor: Tonight, Ygor will die for you!

Dr. Bohmer: I must warn you, this operation may not be successful. This may be the end of everything.
Igor: Better death... than a life like this... now that I have seen... the promise of a life forever.

Ludwig Frankenstein: Kettering's brain. What will he think when he resumes life in that body? Will he thank us for giving him a new lease on life? Or will he object to finding his ego living in that human junk heap?

Erik: Why did you deny that you were concealing the monster, Doctor?
Ludwig Frankenstein: It was necessary for a while. You see, Erik, the monster, as you know, was a homicidal maniac. He killed Dr. Kettering, but Dr. Kettering lives again. His brain is now inside the skull of the monster. I have replaced an evil brain with a good one. I have made amends for the great tragedy... that my father and brother unintentionally brought to this community. I've restored the good name of Frankenstein. Let me show you.

Ludwig Frankenstein: Do you recognize me? Tell me... who am I?
Monster: You are Dr. Frankenstein.
Ludwig Frankenstein: And you are? You are Dr. Kettering.
Monster: I am not Dr. Kettering. I am Ygor!
Ludwig Frankenstein: What have I done?
Monster: I am Ygor. I have the strength of a hundred men. I cannot die. I cannot be destroyed! I, Ygor, will live forever!
Ludwig Frankenstein: I've created a hundred times the monster that my father made. Bohmer! This is your work!
Monster: Don't touch him, Frankenstein. He's my friend. I should kill you, Frankenstein. But after all... your father gave me life... and you gave me a brain.

Igor: What good is a brain without eyes?!







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原題: The Ghost of Frankenstein
別題: Frankenstein kehrt wieder
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邦題(カタカナ): 『フランケンシュタインの幽霊』
制作年: 1942年
制作国: アメリカ
公開日: 1942年3月13日 (アメリカ)
1948年1月1日 (アメリカ) (再リリース)
1949年10月19日 (日本)
1951年8月10日 (フランス)
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