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ブレンダン(twitter@TricoBren)による『Bite School (2015)』のレビューは日英併記です。日本語は英語の下にあります。昨年亡くなったHGルイスも出ているよ。ロン・ジェレミーも出てくる。おもしろいよ。監督脚本主演ジェイムズ・バルサモ。2015年。

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Hi there. It's Hiro. My buddy Brendan Wimsett gave me an awesome review for Bite School directed by James Balsamo. Let's read!


From the legitimately bonkers James Balsamo and his team of maniacs at Acid Bath Productions, “Bite School” is a gruesome yet funny and endearing vampire film. I'm a big fan of low budget movies so when the opportunity to see this movie came along, I didn't hesitate to grab a pizza and some beers and hunker down in my man cave to enjoy some good ol' indie entertainment.

...and I wasn't disappointed.

Opening with a very well animated title intro, the music kicks right in with a familiar melody and the amusing lyrics “The class is really bad and the school really sucks, you get a boner when you taste it you're addicted to blood!”, an obvious parody of the 80's Robert Palmer hit “Addicted to Love”. Listening to the Bite School theme tune whilst enjoying the amusing animation really sets the tone for the entire movie, leaving the viewer with no doubts at all that the next 90 minutes are gonna be chock full of blood and gags.

The story begins when a L.A. based billionaire by the name of Tony Canoni (played by James Balsamo himself) makes a name for himself in the local tabloids and television outlets thanks to his crazy playboy antics. His debauched behavior and frivolous spending angers his rich grandfather (Herschell Gordon Lewis) so much that he decides to cut Tony off from accessing his riches and instead insists that he starts making amends for his life by going back to school and receiving a G.E.D qualification. Tony tries to solve the problem himself by asking around his famous friends (Ron Jeremy being one of them!) for a cash loan but when his pleas all fall flat, he has no choice but to bite the bullet and enroll in night classes in New York.

Not long after arriving in New York, Tony encounters George (Paul Fears), a puny guy who's being harassed by the Lesbian mafia and who offers him a place to crash in exchange for having his debt to the mafia paid off. Tony agrees to pay off his debt once he's completed his G.E.D and follows George back to his apartment. The two strike up a friendship and agree to study hard together but what Tony is soon to discover is that his new love interest, Vicky (played by the gorgeous Mandy Cat Kitana), is not only a vampire, but also the daughter of the vampire high priest and priestess themselves. With Tony having a hard enough time balancing his studies with partying, just how will he deal with the impending vampire apocalypse..??

Bite School” is a LOT of fun from start to finish. It’s clear that Balsamo knows exactly the sort of audience he's making his films for, from the obvious references to other cult movies, to the plethora of golden lines such as “I came to kill vampires and smoke weed, and I'm all out of weed!” and the hilarious “I'm so angry I Just need to dance!”. There's a lot of cool practical effects going on too with a pretty dope face melting scene as well as another scene involving holy water courtesy of the “Holy Trinity”, a kick ass bunch of clergymen. There's even a trailer for Balsamo's other creation “I Spill Your Guts 2” spliced in amongst all the mayhem too which I thought was pretty damn cool. The biggest selling point for this movie for me though has to be the music. Like Balsamo, I too am a massive metalhead so the music throughout was a huge kick for me. Seeing the Holy Trinity kick ass with “You're gonna Pay” by Skull Fist blaring out my speaker was cool as fuck, not to mention tracks by other awesome bands like Cancer Slug, Rapegoat, and Suffocation peppered through the movie. The metal isn't just limited to the soundtrack though as a whole bunch of heavyweights such as Iced Earth, Killswitch Engage, Goatwhore, Philm, and even Chuck Billy from Testament make fun onscreen cameos too. Awesome stuff!

The movie has a lot of really fun moments (The nod to the 1977 Carter Wong movie “Fatal Flying Guillotine” being a prime example) but where I feel the movie is let down would have to be the audio quality in some scenes. For the most part the film is clearly audible but in some places it's kinda hard to hear what's being said which is a bit of shame. That being said, most indie movie fans are forgiving of such technical shortfalls since budget is always a prominent factor so I can't imagine it being much of a problem for anybody passionate about these kind of films.

Bite School”, like the rest of Acid Bath Productions' back catalog, still remains unreleased in Japan which is a huge shame since I just know that it would be very well accepted by the crazy indie movie maniacs over here. Thankfully, getting hold of an import copy of the movie isn't a problem though thanks to their impressive store over at Acid Bath Productions. If you like silliness, cheap thrills, and metal music then this movie is definitely for you. Do yourself a favor and check it out! Let’s show them some love!

written by Brendan Wimsetttwitter@TricoBren


「バイト・スクール」は、クレイジーな監督、ジェイムズ・バルサモと彼のプロダクションスタジオAcid Bath Productionsによる吸血鬼派ホラーコメディー映画です。僕は低予算で作られた映画が大好きなので、この映画を観る機会がきたら思わず「はい!観させて下さい!」と言ってさっそくピザとビールを用意しました。


カッコいいアニメーションイントロと共に80年代のロバート・パーマーの”Addicted to Love”のパロディー曲で始まり、これから先は絶対楽しいんだろうなぁーと思わせる感じで、ニコニコしながらテレビから目が離れない。

ロサンゼルスの大金持ちトニー・カノ二 (ジェイムズ・バルサモ監督本人が演じる)が、金の無駄遣いや無責任な行動で市のマスコミに注目され有名人となる。が、実は、トニーの金の出所はとあるお爺さん(ハーシェル・ゴードン・ルイス)で、この爺さんがニュースを見たらば怒り爆発!送金ストップされる。トニーは爺ちゃんに「金が欲しいなら学校に戻って資格を取れ」とお灸を据えられる。しかし、彼は怠け者なので、学校に行く気はなく、知り合いに借金しようとするが上手くいかず、仕方なくニューヨークの夜学校に入校する。


「バイト・スクール」は最初から最後まで楽しい。ジェイムズ・バルサモ監督はファンの好みを良く知ってて、他のカルト映画へのオマージュも沢山ある。プラクティカルエフェクトも良く出来ています。顔の溶けるシーンも聖水で闘う「ホリー・トリニティー」の一人の神父さんのシーンも得に面白いと思う。他のバルサモ監督の映画「I Spill Your Guts 2」の予告編も途中見せるのがとてもカッコいいなぁーと思った。ユーモアもエフェクトも良いのですが、僕が一番気に入れたのがこの映画のサウンドトラックです。僕と同じく、バルサモ監督がメタル好きなんでこの映画で流れる音楽は最高過ぎる!「ホリートリニティー」のファイトシーンで「スカル・フィスト」の「You're gonna Pay」を聴いたら超嬉しい気持ちになった!他に流すバンドは「アイス・アース」「カンサースラグ」「レイプゴート」「ゴートホア」「フィルム」等々。「テスタメント」のチャック・ビリーもカメオするのが嬉しい!


Acid Bath Productionsの全作と同じく「バイト・スクール」もまだ日本ではリリースされていない。日本の皆さんもこの映画を観たら気に入れると思うのに、日本語で観れないのが残念。嬉しいことに、ABPの公式サイト( acidbathproductions.com)に行けば海外版を簡単に輸入できるし、他の面白いグッズも沢山あるから、楽しく買い物できます!もしあなたも低予算映画もゴアもコメディーもメタルも好きなら、この映画を大変お勧めします!Acid Bath Productionsを応援しましょう!



ブレンダン による『Bite School』の日英バイリンガルレビューは以上です。なかなかおもしろそうですね。興味のある方は是非どうぞ。





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