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The Taint レビュー by ブレンダン!(English + Japanese)

ブレンダンの『The Taint』レビューは日英併記でお送りします。English and Japanese review of The Taint written by Brendan Wimsett!

The Taint レビュー by ブレンダン!(English + Japanese) DVDDVD画像

Imagine waking up one day and discovering that the entire male population of your hometown has suddenly transformed into an aggressive herd of massively hung psychopaths that will stop at nothing to brutally kill any and all women they can find.

This is exactly what happens to Phil O’Ginny, (Drew Bolduc) a bone-idle prep school student that, despite his flawed attitude, is still a hit with the ladies. In fact, the opening scene of the movie is quick to underline this aspect of his personality when he finds himself getting caught screwing the local farmer’s daughter. This kind of incident would be frightening for any man but for Phil, the ordeal is multiplied tenfold when he sees the girl’s Abraham Lincoln-esque father barge in on the couple whilst holding a huge scythe and dangling a severed penis from his hand. Oh, and he’s literally shitting himself too. Nice.

ある日、目が覚めたら、周囲の男性たちが狂ってて、大勃起チンコをジーパンから出しっぱなしで、町の女たちを情け容赦なくブッ殺すのを見たら、ただの悪夢だと思うでしょう。残念ながら、フィル・オジニー(Drew Bolduc)にとって、こんな恐ろしい悪夢こそが現実になります。フィルはぼんくら男ですが意外と女にモテモテ。彼の人気は映画のオープニングシーンではっきりと分かります。農場主の娘さんとイチャイチャしているところに、その子の父にばれるのがどの男でもビビるけど、もしその父がエイブラハム・リンカーンの面で大鎌と千切れたチンコを持ちながら部屋に入ってきたら誰だって焦るでしょう!しかもこの狂ってるおっさんが堂々とウンコを漏らしてるぞ!最低ですね!

Fleeing the scene, Phil meanders into a wooded area where he encounters yet another crazed man; a guy with a massive cock hanging out of his jeans who is holding a boulder high above his head. To make Phil’s day even worse, the rabid fellow is also slowly lurching towards him whilst simultaneously spraying him in semen. Dumbfounded as to what the hell is going on, Phil is suddenly given a reality check when a young girl by the name of Misandra (Coleen Walsh) appears out of nowhere and shoots the spunk spraying psycho in the face with a shotgun.

農場から逃げるフィルが森を彷徨う。そこでもう一人の狂った男が出てくる。その男がズボンからデカいチンコを出してて精子を飛ばしながらフィルに近づいてくる。あまりにも混乱してるフィルがどうしようと悩んでるうち、いきなり横からショットガンを持つ女性が現れ、その男の頭に新しい穴を開ける。この冷静でカッコいい女はミサンドラ(Coleen Walsh)という。

Unable to make sense of the crazy chain of events, Phil presses Misandra for an explanation behind what’s going on and learns that the water supply has been contaminated with a poisonous chemical known simply as “The Taint” and that he is likely the only man left in the city who hasn’t become a misogynistic, enlarged penis bearing psychopath in search of female blood. Lucky boy.

Rapidly brought up to speed, Phil tags along with Misandra as the two face the oncoming sexual apocalypse together…



The Taint introduces some really interesting characters along the way - some of which who have some truly memorable names (Alligator Fuckhouse being my personal favorite!). We get to meet a massively homo-erotic yet unintentionally hilarious gym teacher by the name of Houdini (Cody Crenshaw) who leads a group of men also uninfected with “The Taint” who are out to make the most of a male dominated new world order. Phil and Misandra’s traumatic encounter with Houdini and his gang also brings about the appearance of a mysterious masked man by the name of “Ludas” who reveals the dark origin of “The Taint” and subsequently gives Phil the impetus he needs to set about turning the tables.

The Taintには、面白いキャラクターが次々に出てきます。そのキャラの名前が面白い(個人的に一番好きなのがアリゲーター・ファックハウス!)。もう一人の面白いキャラに出逢うのがフィルの隠れおかまっぽい体操先生、フーディーニー(Cody Crenshaw)。彼はこの新しい世界秩序では他に感染されてない男の集団のリーダーとなって女狩り活動を率いている。そのきっかけで仮面をつける謎の男、ルーダス、が現れ、フィルとミサンドラに「ザ・テイント」の起源を明かす。。。

Directed and written by Drew Bolduc and Dan Nelson, The Taint is an independent movie that despite having a low budget does impressively well with its resources and presents the audience with dozens of gory and ingenious special effects that really make you wonder how they did them. The storyline is simple and easy to follow but for me what really makes the movie so damn cool is the pumping soundtrack present throughout the film. There are some pretty “Ugh!” inducing scenes but the pace and the awesome techno music pulls you along nicely as you undergo a relentless assault on the eyeballs. One of the most talked about features of the film is the number of exploding cocks on offer. I’m not gonna say when or why this happens but it’s a sequence that will almost certainly make any indie cinema fan grin with glee upon witnessing it. In fact, I have a strong suspicion that the Robocop parody that came out a couple of years later in 2014 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qx2GuZMfNp8) probably took its inspiration from The Taint. Many people have said that if you combine John Waters with Lloyd Kaufman this is the kind of movie they would come up with and that’s an analogy I totally agree with. This movie is utterly crazy!

Drew BolducとDan Nelsonの二人コンビで作ったインディーズ映画The Taintはかなり低い予算で作られた作品ですが、プラクティカルエフェクトやスペシャルエフェクトがそれなりじゃなくて、本当によく出来てるんで、すごくいい感じです。「え?どうやって出来たんだろう?」と思うほど。ストーリーも分かりやすくて面白いけど、自分に一番響くのがこの映画のサウンドトラックです。血祭のシーンはよく編集できてて、そのアクションシーンにテクノミュージックがすごく合ってカッコいいんだ。エフェクトと音楽の話をべつにして、この映画の魅力と言えば、それは何と言っても噂の「爆発チンコ」のシーンです。ネタバレはしないけど、誰もがこのシーンを観ると思わず笑ってしまう。最高ですよ。


上の作品が、おそろしくThe Taintに影響された気がする。海外のインディーズ映画ファンのコミュニティーでも「もしロイド・カウフマンとジョン・ウォーターズが手を組んで映画を創ろうとしたらこういう映画になるんじゃないか!」という声もよく聞きます。僕もその声に100%同感。The Taintはそれほどいかれてるぞ!!

Despite being made and distributed in 2010, The Taint is yet to get a domestic release here in Japan (largely due to the heavy censorship it would require) which to me is a HUGE shame. The great news however is that the movie will be screened completely uncensored in Tokyo for one night only on November 26th at the Asagaya Loft so, if you are able to get along, I strongly recommend attending the “Chinkolympics” and witnessing the magic for yourselves. Don’t forget your shades!

2010年にアメリカででてるのにThe Taintは未だに日本でリリースされていない。何でこっちでもリリースされないのかがよくわからないけど、その理由はたぶんチンコ問題に関係あると思う。悔しい限りだ。。。 だが、嬉しいことに、今月の26日に阿佐ヶ谷LOFT−Aで一夜に限り完全版で観れますよ!!そうだ!東京電撃映画祭+Horrorshoxの「チンコリンピック」で超特別なスクリーニングで観れます!!皆さん!このチャンスを逃さずにLOFTへ行きましょう!サングラスも忘れずに!

- Brendan Wimsett- ブレンダン・ウィムセット


みてみて!The Taint






チンコリンピック』では、ブレンダンと私が共同でつくった日本語字幕つきで『The Taint』をご覧頂けます。この映画は派手なゴア描写が魅力ですが、そればかりではありません。おもしろい台詞の妙も見どころです。そこも合わせて楽しんでくださいよ。『チンコリンピック』のために私らが製作した字幕は一夜限りで封印です。お見逃しなく!

さて、ところで、こちらは倉林さんの『The Taint』のレビューです。いつもの調子で楽しい絵が入っています。おもしろいよ。










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