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Chinkolympic Manga Guide by Brendan: Chater 6

This is final chapter!

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Chinkolympic Manga Guide by Brendan: Chater 6 2

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The chapter starts with the girl looking triumphant after finishing her introduction of all 5 movies that are to be screened at the Chinkolympics. Asking Watari which of the titles he's interested in seeing, he replies with a resounding “All of them!”. He also remarks that he's curious about all the characters cramming up the panel too! Haha! Now fully psyched up for the event, Watari lets rip with his thoughts about each of the movies he's just been told about. “Firstly, The Taint!” he yells. “The story of a young man stranded in a sea of dicks trying to make sense of all the female killing around him as he faces the collapse of society as we know it! I just HAVE to see this movie!”. Watari continues his tirade with “Next up, Banjo! A fast-paced, terrifying, slapstick splatter-comedy about a downtrodden schizophrenic that will leave you wondering who's really mad; him or us?!... I gotta see this!!”

Watari's expression then changes from a determined look to a coy one as he blurts out “And the Possessed Libido! A tale of blind passion with an unimaginable twist! Just where does the human spirit reside?! This is something I don't wanna miss!!”

His expression reverting back to one of passion, he yells “And those 2 short movies! El Gigante! The unfortunate story of a man who tries escaping the social inequalities of his native Mexico only to find himself in a gruesome wrestling fight! Where's my popcorn?!”. Watari then finishes his excited ranting with “The Stylist! A sad, cruel, yet beautiful short movie with a twist that'll leave you breathless and wondering what happens next! I wanna see this one too!!”Ronnie praises Watari for his ringing endorsement of all the movies whilst the girl asks him if he's gonna come to the Chinkolympics, to which he replies “Thanks. I'll be there so can you quit licking my face?” The final panel ends with the girl saying “Great! One more ready to join the fun!” She then asks Watari if he wants to join her in helping promote the event to which he readily agrees!


Thanks for reading guys, we hope you enjoyed the comic and found this guide useful! We can't wait to see you all on 11/26 for a night of awesomeness!! Until then, keep the indie movie love strong!!

written by Brendan Wimsett





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