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Chinkolympic Manga Guide by Brendan: Chater 5 (El Gigante & The Stylist)

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Chinkolympic Manga Guide by Brendan: Chater 5 (El Gigante & The Stylist) DVDDVD画像

Hi there. It's Hiro. We, CHINKOLYMPICS team, have been releasing web series manga drawn by talented artist Daiju Kurabayashi. It's one of our unique attempt to promote the event to let people know about the fillms which we are gonna screen. Getting huge response from readers so far. We're glad people enjoy it.

But unfortunately no English version available. We have been asked by people, "What are they? Did you guys make the comics?" We wish we could publish the English version but there's no time for that. Sorry. So, Brendan who's a professional translator (his language skill is excellent!) wrote about the manga series in English. Good job, Brendan! His previous post available here.

Today he follows up the chapter 5. It's about El Gigante and The Stylst. Original Japanese version manga is here.

Chinkolympic Manga Guide by Brendan: Chater 5 (El Gigante & The Stylist)1

Chinkolympic Manga Guide by Brendan: Chater 5 (El Gigante & The Stylist)2

Chinkolympic Manga Guide by Brendan: Chater 5 (El Gigante & The Stylist)3

Chinkolympic Manga Guide by Brendan: Chater 5 (El Gigante & The Stylist)4

You wonder what's all about? Okay. Let's read to know more. Enjoy!

Chinkolympic Manga Guide by Brendan: Chater 5 (El Gigante & The Stylist)

The chapter begins with the girl explaining to Watari that the next two titles she's about to introduce are both short movies that actually have nothing to do with penises. Watari seems intrigued and says that he's only seen short movies as part of an anthology like in “VHS”, “ABCs of Death” and the Japanese series, “Tales of the Unusual”. That being said, he says that he doesn't think that seeing stand alone short movies that are less than 30 minutes in length are particularly worth seeing. Irritated by his ignorant comment, the girl jumps on head and tells him that he needs to readdress this obvious oversight on his part...

Without further ado, she proceeds to introduce “El Gigante” and “The Stylist”.

Starting with Gigi Saul Guerrero's “El Gigante”, the girl begins to introduce the main character, Armando, a man who seeking to flee his native Mexico, finds himself kidnapped by a mysterious man in the dessert and later wakes up to discover he's in a dilapidated wrestling ring with a Lucha Libre masked sewn onto his face! “Thus begins the Pro-Wrestling match from Hell!!!” she yells as we get a sneak glimpse of the monster known simply as “Gigante”!

Without missing a beat, the girl immediately proceeds to introduce the next short movie, Jill Gevargizian's “The Stylist”. Her explanation starts with an introduction of the main character, Claire, who is played by the beautiful Najarra Townsend of “Contracted” fame. When one day a regular customer of the hair salon where Claire works drops in for a last minute appointment, Claire begins to cut her hair as per usual. Beneath that otherwise innocent visage however, we see a solemn expression on Claire's face in the final panel that reveals that she in fact secretly harbors a dark desire...

Watari understands the girl's explanations of both shorts and likens them to cinematic adaptions of short stories without all the fluff. The girl nods in agreement but tells hims the real reason for screening these two shorts lies in supporting them and enabling more people to see them. In short, an appeal to the major studios and distribution companies to bring their attention to these awesome movies! Facing the reader once more, the girl points a finger at us and tells us that if we wanna support indie cinema too, then going to the Chinkolmpics on 11/26 in Tokyo is a MUST! She finishes with a “Next: the final chapter!”

written by Brendan Wimsett

Final Chapter will be coming shortly!




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