本ページは『映画|マリス・イン・ワンダーランド|Malice in Wonderland』のネタバレ全開です。この映画の普通の(ネタバレのない)レビューはこちらにあります↓

woman: Said I'd see you again.
Alice: You know who I am?
woman: No. I know some things. Not all things. And that's a shame.
Alice: Are you any good with riddles?
woman: Try me.
Alice: What's got no conditions but one condition?
woman: That takes me back.
Alice: To where?
woman: I was about your age. She was the sweetest thing... though I wasn't. I loved her, but sometimes that's not enough.
Alice: Sometimes it's everything.
woman: What's got no conditions but one condition?
Alice: Love.
woman: Ain't it just! What's your name?
Alice: My name is Alice.
woman: My girl was called Alice.
Alice: How would you feel about a big hotel room with a king-size bed and a long hot bath and room service?
woman: Nah... I got all I need here.
DJ Felix's voice narration: Circles... Circles... We all move in circles.